• Improved security: By requiring a second form of identification, SMS-2FA decreases the probability that an attacker can impersonate a user and gain access to computers, accounts or other sensitive resources. Even if a fraudster gains access to a password, he won’t have the second element required to authenticate.
  • Increase productivity and flexibility: Enterprises are embracing mobility as it contributes to higher productivity. With mobile 2FA, employees can securely access corporate applications, data, documents, and back-office systems from virtually any device or location-without putting the corporate network and sensitive information at risk.
  • Lower helpdesk and security management costs: The average user calls the help desk 1.25 times per month. In an environment that’s experiencing unusual downtime or has had recent upgrades, that number can exceed three calls per month. The industry research group, HDI, estimates at least 35-40 percent of those calls are related to password resets. Furthermore, each of those tickets consumes, on average, 20 minutes of the help desk technician’s time. Two-Factor Authentication can help remedy these time-consuming and costly password-reset calls by providing a safe and secure way for end users to reset their own passwords. The business outcome includes cost savings from fewer calls, increased employee productivity and satisfaction.
  • Reduce fraud and build secure online relationships: Identity theft, which accounted for 17 percent of all fraud in 2013, is on the rise. Fraud in all its guises has a direct impact on the bottom line. Even worse, it can result in a loss of trust, credibility and brand equity, and destroy a customer relationship. Twenty-nine percent of fraud victims avoid certain retailers as a result of their victimization, even if the merchant wasn’t responsible for the data breach. Two-Factor Authentication provides an additional layer of mobile protection that secures the site, the transaction and customer. Moreover, by creating a secure brand experience, businesses increase their opportunity to create ongoing interactions with customers.

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