5 Benefits of Managed IT Services

September 12, 2019

Regardless of your industry, managed IT services play a central role in the most crucial operations of your business. Without them, your company can experience a lack of productivity, threats to security, increased spending, and a dip in overall customer satisfaction. Yet despite its importance, business owners are often still unaware of the benefits that managed IT support can provide.

At TeknaByte, our goal is to help elevate your business to new heights by understanding the importance of managed IT solutions. So, let’s jump into it! Here are the top 5 benefits of managed IT services.

1. Lower Costs

As a business owner, you know how important it is to lower costs whenever possible. By utilizing the efforts of managed IT services for your business, you can end up saving money in a big way. How long can you reasonably afford for your network to be down?

Disaster can strike at any minute and this is especially true in the case of costly network disasters. Without a managed IT solutions team, your business will find itself relying on the efforts of an internal IT department that is spread far too thin. This can result in hours, days, or even weeks of network downtime that ultimately will cost your business money with every passing minute.

How Do You Reduce IT Costs?

By investing in managed IT support, you will undoubtedly witness a huge return in the form of increased efficiency, productivity, and overall customer satisfaction. The amount of downtime you experience in the case of a network disaster will be reduced as well as the risk of one happening in the first place.

With a managed IT services team, your business will have 24/7 access to skilled IT professionals that are dedicated to keeping your network running at the most optimal level. The result? Less money spent on managing your IT.

2. Compliance and Security Standards

Without the proper compliance standards, your business is at risk for the loss and misuse of sensitive information such as confidential client data.

While you may think that your most sensitive information is secure without an IT management company, this is far from the truth.

IT data breaches are an increasingly scary problem for businesses without managed IT services. Unfortunately, many medium-sized businesses falsely believe that they are at a reduced risk of cyber hacks, thinking that these threats are only a problem for large corporations.

When it comes to the relentless efforts of cybercriminals, however, no business is safe. A dedicated managed IT services team understands this and will provide compliance and security standards services to keep your data safe – no matter your size.

How Do I Know If My Network is Secure?

A knowledgeable IT services team, like those found at TeknaByte, will take every necessary step to ensure that your most sensitive data – and your business’s entire infrastructure – are protected.

Those that are dead set on compromising you and your customer’s most sensitive information won’t give up easily and a managed IT services team will be there to block every single attempt and threat.

3. Vendor Management

Of the many benefits fully managed IT provides, vendor management services are one of the most under appreciated – especially in the case of small to midsize businesses.

Larger corporations don’t lack the funds to work with dedicated IT vendors, but small to midsize businesses may not have the same financial freedom. This can cause smaller businesses to run into their fair share of difficulties.

With managed IT services, small to midsize businesses can enjoy similar benefits to large corporations in regards to vendor management. Managed IT support teams will take your place in dealing with third-party vendors.

This frees up your valuable time as a business owner and cuts down on unnecessary confusion. Instead of having to deal with it yourself, a dedicated team of IT technicians will have the technical insight to get to the root of the issue much sooner.

Why Do We Need Vendor Management?

IT vendors that focus on small to midsize businesses are often spread thin amongst their clients resulting in the inability to provide high-quality IT services. This is a waste of time and money for business owners who already have so much on their plate.

A managed IT solutions team will act with your business’s unique interests and needs in mind. They will know what your business hopes to receive out of their IT operations and can offer valuable counsel. From the installation, maintenance, and repair of IT equipment to the newest IT innovations available, your dedicated managed IT support team will be there to help you navigate your relationships with third-party vendors.

4. Remote Monitoring For Faster Response Times

How much of your business’s manpower is currently devoted to simply completing the necessary tasks to keep your business running? If you are like most small to midsize businesses, it’s probably a lot.

Outsourcing the management of your IT needs can allow your team’s efforts to be focused elsewhere. Remote monitoring makes this possible.

What Does Remote Management Mean?

Remote monitoring gives your business the power to ensure that your network is fully operational at all times without the need for onsite efforts.

A managed IT services team will mean much faster response times when issues arise.

Businesses operating without this type of dedicated IT support suffer when an onsite team doesn’t have someone immediately available to take on unexpected problems.

Remote monitoring means that these occurrences are outsourced to an IT professional dedicated to solving problems quickly and efficiently.

5. Keeping Your Efforts Focused on What Matters Most

As a business owner, your direct attention is constantly demanded in every aspect of your business. At TeknaByte, we understand that your time is valuable and every minute that you have to spend worrying about IT management is a minute stolen from the needs of your business.

Your business runs most efficiently when constant attention is placed on IT management and this is an unrealistic expectation of you.

Managed IT services will free up your time so that you can keep your efforts focused on what matters most – running a successful business.

The Most Trusted Managed IT Company in Indianapolis

Now that you understand the importance of managed IT services, it’s time to reap the benefits.

As the top managed IT services provider in Indianapolis, our clients receive unmatched IT support that helps boosts the productivity and efficiency of their business.

Here are just a few of the dependable services you can expect when you choose to work with TeknaByte:
• Remote Monitoring and Maintenance
• Comprehensive IT Support
• Vendor Management
• Security Solutions
• Help Desk with Experienced Technicians

Contact us today to get more information on how your business can benefit from our managed IT support services.


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