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VoIP and Cloud Telephony Solutions

Cloud hosted communication services that allows scalability and mobilty for your business needs, multiple office integration, mobile app, web app and chat.

Businesses these days are mobile and communication is a critical key to success. Teknabyte now offers telephony solutions that allow your workforce to communicate no matter where they are and what type of business. Accessible from anywhere in the world which allows staff to work from home and remains operational during regional outages. With customizable telephony solutions that will fit your business needs.

VoIP and Cloud Telephony Solutions

HIPPA Compliant Telephony Solution

Teknabyte also offers a HIPPA compliant telephony solution that features waterfall call routing, two way texting and after hours call service, as well as mobile and web portal app for all those busy healthcare providers.

Telephony Solutions

TeknaByte offers two Telephony options.
1. A cloud-hosted VOIP that has a mobile app which is available for essentially all businesses.
2. Doctoc which is also a cloud hosted VoIP. This option is marketed and specialized for private healthcare facilities.


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