5 Important Questions to Ask When Searching for IT Services

January 8, 2020

There are many valuable benefits associated with outsourcing a business’s IT services. With an increasing number of small businesses frustrated with their in-house IT support system, many business owners are looking for a better solution. If you count yourself among these business owners, you are probably in the market for an IT services management provider.

When searching for IT services for your small business, it is important to ask the right questions. Small business owners should take the time to do the necessary research into any IT services provider that they are considering. After all, selecting a reputable IT services provider is vital to your success. Today, TeknaByte will be informing you of five important questions to ask when searching for IT services.

If a provider is unable to answer these questions when asked, you should be looking elsewhere. Guaranteeing that the IT services your small business is offered are of top-notch quality should be a primary concern. These questions go a long way in assuring the value that any IT services provider can bring to your business.

What Will Outsourced IT Services Cost?

When searching for IT services, it is important that any company that you are considering offers transparent pricing. The best IT services are offered at flat-rate service plans so that you can know exactly what you will be paying. Be sure to ask any potential IT services company if they offer flat-rate service plans and how many different plan options are available to you.

As the owner of a small business, you know that budgeting your money is a top concern. Without asking the important question of what your outsourced IT services will cost, it is easy to end up in a contract where you are paying far more for far less. Worst of all, these contracts are sometimes crafted to make it next to impossible for you to end your agreement with a chosen IT provider. Plan smart when searching for IT services by asking about pricing upfront!

What IT Services Are Provided?

After inquiring as to what your IT services will cost, knowing which services are included in your contract is your next concern. Any IT services company that is unable to offer you a comprehensive list of the services they provide isn’t worth a second look. If an IT services provider that you are considering doesn’t have their services listed on their website, this should be one of your first questions when contacting them for more information.

At TeknaByte, we make it easy for potential clients to find the list of services that we provide right on our website. These services are accompanied by an in-depth description of exactly what you get when booking our services. Make sure that you are getting the high value that you deserve for the costs you are quoted!

Is There a Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

With technology playing such a key role in the way small businesses operate, you need to be well aware of what you can expect in regards to response time when searching for an IT company. Knowing how long you will be down in the event of an unforeseen IT issue is vital to your success as a business. A service level agreement, or SLA, is the key to having this question, and many others, answered.

A service level agreement does two things. Firstly, an SLA informs you of the services your business will receive. Secondly, an SLA ensures that a provider is locked into providing those services exactly as they are described. Without an SLA, your IT services provider can get out of giving you the quality of service which they have advertised. Protect your company by asking whether or not a potential IT services company offers an SLA. If not, stay on the safe side and look elsewhere.

Does the IT Services Provider Offer Dedicated Account Managers?

Your IT support should be provided by a supplier that understands the importance of direct communication and dedicated service. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you ask any potential IT supplier whether or not they offer dedicated account managers.

When a dedicated account manager is assigned to your company, you and your IT services supplier have the chance to form a long-term relationship. This is beneficial to your company, as that dedicated account manager will be able to support your company as it grows. Through direct communication and support, your IT services provider can understand your business goals, growth plan, and company direction. This ensures the best possible level of services.

Does the Provider Offer Remote Management and Monitoring?

Finally, one of the most important questions to ask when searching for IT services is whether or not remote management and monitoring are provided. Regardless of the plan that you choose, remote management and monitoring should be offered, as these services are fundamental to robust IT support practices.

With the available remote management tools of today, there is no excuse for suppliers not to be monitoring your network on a consistent basis. This is key to proactive solutions to any possible problems that may arise. Without remote management and monitoring, your company will be left at the mercy of an IT company who has to send out a technician to troubleshoot issues at your place of business. This costs valuable time and time, as you know, is money. Always ask whether or not an IT company provides remote management and monitoring services.

The IT Services Provider That Can Answer All of Your Questions

TeknaByte Consulting goes the distance to ensure we can answer these five important questions from any potential client. As Indianapolis’s top-rated IT services provider, TeknaByte knows that the quality of our services has been proven. If you want a reputable IT services provider that operates with your satisfaction in mind, look no further than TeknaByte Consulting. Contact us today for more information! Our skilled team of IT experts is on standby to answer all of your questions.


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