Boost Your Managed IT Services with ThreatLocker

March 9, 2020

With more than a million malware viruses created every day, protecting your company’s applications and endpoints from attack is essential. While many anti-malware and anti-virus software programs help, they aren’t always enough. That’s why TeknaByte Consulting, LLC, is now offering ThreatLocker—a low-management, fast-to-deploy application whitelisting and ring-fencing solution that puts your business in control over what software is running through your servers. When coupled with our managed IT services you’ll be getting high-quality protection that’s easy to manage and quick to deploy, freeing up your IT department for other in-house needs.

Benefits of ThreatLocker Solutions


Ringfencing has changed the way banks and financial institutions think about IT. ThreatLocker gives financial institutions and banks the tools they need to take control over their internal databases and ATM machines. By creating strict access points and controls over the kinds of information that can be released or allowed in, your finances are locked away securely. As a part of our managed IT services, TeknaByte understands how important financial data is and how vulnerable malware access makes your institution, which is why we stand behind ThreatLocker and their ringfencing applications.

By installing ThreatLocker ringfencing services, you’ll be able to see what is running on any ATM machine at any time, giving you real-time notifications. You’ll be given control over policies and can restrict executables, libraries, and script files from accessing your banking information.

In addition to protecting your financial assets, ringfencing policies are perfect for businesses who want to implement another level of security. By using application whitelisting and then creating ringfencing policies around those applications, the risk of malware access at any endpoint is virtually eliminated. Ringfencing also keeps your employees from accessing and running applications that are not related to your business or ones that pose a real threat to your internal security.

Storage Control

With our managed IT service using ThreatLocker, your IT department can have extensive control over information and data that can be accessed, shared, copied, and transferred across platforms. You can even control which computers within your company can access certain information over others. This feature of ThreatLocker gives you storage control over USB drives, servers, and other applications related to sensitive internal information. Storage control also gives your IT managers power over who is approved for access and who isn’t. Approving access is a simple click away and takes just seconds.

By setting parameters and controlling the information that’s shared, you’ll also be given reports on which information was accessed and from which computer. You can also see who’s been deleting, moving, or changing files from within your systems and servers. By opting in for our ThreatLocker protection, you’ll have instant access to see where that information is being stored and who’s accessing it. With this information comes power and the ability to set strict protections to keep malware, viruses, and hackers out of your system. You can easily protect those financials or web applications that are necessary for your entire company to function.

Expert Managed IT Services from TeknaByte

At TeknaByte, we take your security to another level with the help from ThreatLocker. Your managed IT services shouldn’t cause you more headaches, they should eliminate them. That’s why we offer everything you need, including managed IT services, cloud management, and cybersecurity To get started, contact us by calling (317) 620-3900.


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