Four Signs Your IT Strategy Isn’t Working for You

April 21, 2020

At TeknaByte we believe in the power of a defensive IT strategy for small businesses. Unfortunately, many small to mid-sized businesses neglect to employ a proper IT strategy based on the needs of their organization. When an IT strategy is planned, well-defined, and implemented in accordance to the individual needs of your company, it can be a very powerful line of defense against security threats that your business may face.

Today, TeknaByte will be walking you through four signs that your IT strategy isn’t working for you. Using these signs signs as a guideline, you can have a better idea of whether or not your business is well prepared to protect itself from the efforts of cyber criminals and the negligence of employees using bad IT practices. Let’s get started!

Current Technologies Haven’t Been Updated Within a Decade

The first way to identify whether or not your IT strategy is working for you is fairly obvious. If your IT technologies haven’t been upgraded in the last decade, the chances are pretty high that you aren’t implementing a proper IT strategy. Not only does upgrading your technology increase productivity, but it also heightens your company’s IT security measures.

At TeknaByte, we highly recommend that our clients make it part of their IT strategy to replace their current technologies every ten years at minimum. Some businesses benefit even more by replacing them even sooner than that! As a good rule of thumb, however, it is likely that you are falling behind your competition and failing to leverage the improvements of upgraded technology as time goes on.

Your IT Strategy and Overall Business Strategy Aren’t in Alignment

In order for your business to see the greatest return on your investment in IT technologies and services, it is important that your IT strategy is formulated with the overall needs of your business in mind. Another telling sign that your IT strategy isn’t working for you can be found in a misalignment of your IT strategy and overall business strategy.

All too often, IT departments set out with good intentions that don’t align with a bigger picture business strategy. This can come in the form of implementing IT technologies that cause conflict to the overall goals of the business, whether it be a matter of costs or security measures. When laying out your overall IT strategy, take five or more points of your business’s overall strategy and select IT measures that jive with the focus of those points. This is key to creating and implementing an IT strategy that works for your business.

No Actionable Plan for Implementing Technology Upgrades

As important as it is to know the need for making scheduled upgrades of your IT technologies a part of your IT strategy, this does nothing if you don’t have an actionable plan for implementing those upgrades. You must have a realistic plan for implementation.

Upon defining your overall strategy and direction, it is important that you take the time to outline a multi-year map of how you plan to successfully implement these goals. Without one, your business could be in for a slow process of implementation, which could not only leave your organization vulnerable to security risks but also result in costly downtime.

You’re Unaware of Your Options

Another obvious sign of an IT strategy that isn’t working for your business is found in an unawareness of all of the options at your disposal. While many business owners may believe that an IT strategy must include complicated and costly ERP (enterprise resource planning) implementation processes, there are a variety of different technology solutions available to you.

From digital transformation to CRM systems, there are a slew of different IT solutions for you to consider. A proper IT strategy will work to lay out all of these options for you in order to assist you in making the right decision for your company. Always make your decision with the overall goals and focus of your company as a primary concern.

The Power of Managed IT Services

Another important part of any successful IT strategy involves the use of high-quality managed IT services. At TeknaByte, we believe that the key to robust security measures and overall productivity for your business starts with working with the right IT providers. As Indianapolis’s top-rated managed IT services provider we want to help you formulate an IT strategy that works to improve your business. Contact us today to learn more about our services!


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