Pros and Cons of Single Sign-On Identity Management

March 23, 2020

Being in charge of your business’s IT department can be a challenge, especially if your background does not include this aspect of business. IT experts are constantly trying to find that perfect balance of security and usability with all of their systems. One of the common ways they’re doing this is by implementing single sign-on (SSO) systems.

The goal of an SSO is to provide users with a single login credential that gives them access to all the programs and technology servers they need to perform their jobs. Remembering a dozen different logins for a dozen different applications can increase calls to IT and prevent your staff from being productive. SSO drastically reduces those phone calls, making your business process efficient. However, many business owners aren’t convinced, which is why we’ve put together some pros and cons to implementing an SSO in your company.


Instant Access to All Applications

Instant access is beneficial when it’s used internally and by your staff. Since all of your access servers are linked together by a single login and password, you eliminate password fatigue and increase the speed at which your employees can operate. If there are employee changes or onboarding, an SSO system makes it simple and easy to add new users. There’s also less chance that your IT department has to put in a lot of effort to get a new user up and running. Just remember to have a backup for these passwords or require them to be strong enough to prevent the risk of hacking.

Reduces Customer Security Risks

With an SSO, your company can ensure the safety and security of your customer, vendor, and employee information. If you have linked systems between your servers and a vendor’s, SSO can drastically reduce your security risks by eliminating the need to enter multiple passwords and usernames. By accessing one entry point, all of your client information can be accessed easily and efficiently. If a computer is shared, encourage your employees to log out once they are done to eliminate the risk of another user access or exposure.


Limited Access During Failure

A concern or complaint for IT managers who’ve switched over to an SSO system is that when the system fails, access to all of the technology, applications, and databases is also lost. A single credential doesn’t allow for individualized backups when you can’t use the route of your SSO. This can cause an extreme halt in operations for your business and could put your IT technology department at risk since the firewalls and protections would likely be down as well. To prevent these types of closures, make sure your SSO is up to date and constantly maintained.

Requires Strong Passwords

Having one strong password is typically better than trying to remember several, but that doesn’t make it any easier for some users. One of the most common risks of single sign-on programs is their need for a strong password that’s been thought out, is unique, and is complex enough for hackers to struggle guessing. If an SSO system is hacked, it’s essential that all users under those credentials log off and a new password be reset immediately. Your IT department or managed IT services can help you through this awkward and difficult time.

Turn over Your IT Needs

When you need to outsource your IT security or are ready for an expert to manage your IT services, call us at Teknabyte Consulting We aim to provide efficient and high-quality services that protect your company’s databases, servers, and internal programs. We will also ensure your SSO system is set up correctly and securely so you can focus on streamlining processes and procedures. We’ll keep your SSO up to date so you don’t have to worry about the risk of downtime. Contact us today to learn more about our managed IT solutions and how we can mitigate your risks of single sign-on programs.


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