Scaling Your Cloud Services When Your Employees are Working Remotely

March 9, 2021

Over the course of the last year, more employees than ever have made the transition to working partially (or perhaps fully) remotely. The current pandemic has changed the way that we live, socialize, and work, and the transition to a remote workforce has been an arduous task for many businesses. As difficult as this time has been if you are a company that is already leveraging cloud services, you’re in a great position to absorb any changes that this transition to remote working presents. In fact, a reputable managed services provider can easily deploy or scale your cloud services, ensure your employees don’t miss a day of work, and incorporate personal devices and home workstations securely.

Cloud software and services are absolutely key to dynamic work because they ensure that tools and people are always readily available regardless of an employee’s location. Introducing online workspaces that make it easier to share resources and communicate with colleagues, cloud services allow employees to manage their own hours, check in when needed, and maintain a healthy work/life balance. So how can you scale your cloud services when your employees are working remotely, ensuring that the transition is seamless? That’s what we’ll be discussing today by including a few tips that you can utilize to scale your cloud services!

Secure Your Online Workflows

One of the first things you’ll want to do in order to scale cloud services in preparation for employees working remotely is secure your online workflows. At TeknaByte, we believe that security is one of the most important components of the technology landscape, especially when transitioning to remote work. When your employees, vendors, and contractors are all accessing your system from remote (and vulnerable) locations, the risk of a security breach increases. This is one of the most important reasons to scale cloud services appropriately, offering an extra line of defense.

When making an effort to secure your online workflows, consider using something like two-factor authentication or multi-factor authentication, which includes an additional security mechanism, such as a phone app, to verify the identity of employees online. This greatly reduces the risk of hackers stealing passwords and hijacking your employee’s accounts, gaining access to confidential information and data.

Make Sure to Provide the Right Online Tools

Secondly, when scaling your cloud services in preparation for employees to work remotely, you’ll want to ensure that you are providing the right online tools. After all, structured communication absolutely relies on both functional online tools and technology. Regardless, it appears that this has been a challenge for many companies as they transition to remote working. According to a poll of human resources leaders by Gartner 54% reported that poor technology was the biggest challenge when transitioning to remote work.

When scaling cloud services, you should be sure to select cloud services vendors very carefully. Further, you should put forth a great deal of effort into training your employees on how to use the online tools you have supplied them with. You should also plan your capacity in the cloud. For example, ensure that your cloud services contract supports enough user accounts to provide everyone with access to these online tools. This is a crucial step as you scale your cloud services for your business operations.

Clarify Roles and Responsibilities

When scaling cloud services, it is the manager’s responsibility to clarify employee roles as well as articulate the expected deliverables for those employees that are working outside of the office. When dealing with a distributed team, structure is absolutely crucial and everyone needs to have an understanding of not only their own role and responsibilities but those assigned to their teammates. 

That being said, your job isn’t done after assigning roles and responsibilities to your team. You should also take the time to check in regularly with your remote employees as well as carefully monitoring those who, for example, aren’t showing up to online meetings, in order to ensure that they are still happy and productive. Using these guidelines, you can move your employees to a cloud-based work model more easily, giving them the flexibility to work where and when they prefer. By shrinking its physical space, this may even help your team become more productive while simultaneously reducing rental costs and creating a happier workforce overall.

Create Dynamic Working Guidelines

Finally, it should be noted that cloud-based work calls for guidelines on the most basic practices for interacting with colleagues remotely and using technology. This step includes advising your employees on how to best access cloud systems while also extending to guidelines on online meetings and etiquette. 

Be sure to include managers when defining your company’s remote work practices. This is because it is important for leadership to have a conversation with managers about their expectations, as some people may not return to the office full-time even when it does reopen. Remote working has the potential to become a way of life for many in the future, and management needs to have a grip on the best practices for this reason.

Managed Cloud Services Indiana

Now that you know more about how to ensure that your team’s transition to remote working is smoother thanks to your ability to scale your cloud services effectively, you may be interested in learning more about a managed cloud services provider such as TeknaByte. With the utilization of cloud computing becoming significantly more common in the past year especially, TeknaByte (as the top Indianapolis IT services provider) is here to offer you the same benefits other companies have experienced. With our virtualization solutions, our team of IT professionals can set up, manage, and support your company’s computing infrastructure. Even as your team works remotely, you’ll never have to worry about the reliability, security, or efficiency of your cloud-based services when working with us.

Contact us today to learn more about our managed cloud services in Indiana! Call us at (317) 620-3900 or reach out to us online. We look forward to working with you!


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