What is a Network Security Assessment (NSA)?

January 22, 2020

As a business owner, protecting your business’s network from cyberattacks should be a primary concern. When it comes to protecting your company’s most sensitive data from would-be hackers and cybercriminals, it is vital that you have a security plan in place. One of the most essential parts of an effective security plan is a network security assessment (NSA).

Today, TeknaByte will be discussing what a network security assessment is and how it can work to help you keep the bad guys out. After all, a security breach can lead to costly downtime for your business as well as the mishandling of your most sensitive data. A network security assessment seeks to identify vulnerabilities in your business network before it is too late. Let’s get started!

Goals of a Network Security Assessment

A network security assessment is an audit designed to pinpoint vulnerabilities in a network system that could be compromised in order to leak sensitive information and harm overall business practices. Due to the way that technology evolves and advances each day, staying on top of the various ways that cybercriminals can harm your business is of the utmost importance. This is why network security assessments should be completed regularly.

The main goals of a network security assessment are as follows:

• Identify any possible external or internal entry points
• Check file, application, and database servers for signs of vulnerability
• Determine whether or not low-risk vulnerabilities could be targeted and exploited in sequence to create a high-risk vulnerability
• Measure the impact of potential attacks both from within and outside of the business
• Highlight the need for increased network security
• Test the ability of network security measures to detect and defend against attack

There are two main types of network security assessments. A vulnerability assessment is the most basic form of security audit and is designed to look at the security standards of your network from both the inside and outside of your business. This form of network security assessment generates reports based on any identified weaknesses within your network. These reports highlight the areas posing a risk to your overall network security and provide recommendations for how to better reinforce it.

The second form of network security assessment is a pen test – a penetrative test used to put your network security capabilities to the test. A pen test includes all of the same capabilities of a vulnerability assessment plus other forms of testing including social testing, external testing, and internal testing. When vulnerabilities are identified in your network by a pen test, software can be run on your network that highlights the areas associated with the most risk. This acts as a simulation of a hacker attempting to crack into your network and is the most effective way to test the capabilities of your network security.

The Importance of Regular Network Security Assessments

There are a variety of reasons that regular network security assessments should be a primary concern for your business. In the business world of today, companies rely heavily on business networks for everyday operations. If your business network was attacked, how long would you be able to continue the needed business operations without it? What would be the cost to your customers? These are important questions to ask when discussing the network security of your business.

Network security assessments are important because they can reveal areas of vulnerability within your network. When you can pinpoint the places where your business network is weak, you will have a much easier time reinforcing the areas that matter most with the help of your IT support provider. Network security assessments also work to safeguard against data theft, protect against losses that arise from system downtime, and help you stay within compliance requirements on the grounds of both data safety and security.

Indianapolis’s Top Managed IT Services Provider

Now that you understand the importance of conducting regular network security assessments it is time to find a team of managed IT services providers to help. At TeknaByte, our experienced IT technicians can help you form a network security plan that includes conducting regular network security assessments.

We understand the importance of staying up to date on network security and can help you safeguard your network against cyberattacks. As Indianapolis’s top managed IT services provider, we have the skill and knowledge of the best IT security practices to help you stay safe against any potential threat to your security. Contact us today to get started! We’ll be more than happy to help.


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