Protecting Your Business with Managed Backup Services

February 12, 2020

Without an effective backup strategy, your business is vulnerable to not only ransomware attacks but also loss of sensitive data. Aside from the threat of cybercriminals, your business is also at a risk of being out of compliance with a number of different regulations you should adhere to without a backup strategy. This is why managed backup services is such a fundamental part of your IT functions.

At TeknaByte, we offer managed backup services that work to protect your business. As businesses like yours come to rely on technology and data more than ever before, it is vital that you are doing everything you can to keep your most sensitive data safe. This is why implementing the right form of backup strategy is so essential.

Today, we’ll be talking about how you can protect your business with managed backup services, giving you peace of mind that your business can remain secure even in the case of a disaster.

What Are Managed Backup Services?

Managed backup services allow a business to store its data in a secure, off-site facility. These services allow for greater peace of mind in backing up your most sensitive data as it eliminates the risk of human error. When backup is handled by an employee, there is always a risk of data being compromised unless proper backup practices are used. These services fully automate the process of backing up all data files.

In most managed backup services, data is captured, compressed, encrypted, and then transferred to a remote server. This remote backup server is housed at an off-site location and is secure from any potential cyberhacking threats. Most of these services run continuously, automatically backing up data as it arrives in your network. Other types of backups run only at certain times of the day, primarily at night, backing up all of the data that is transferred through your network in a typical business day.

The Benefits of Managed Backup Services

There are a variety of benefits to using managed backup services to protect your business. Here at TeknaByte, we believe in the power of an effective backup strategy, and that’s what our services are all about. So, what can you gain from using managed backup services as part of your IT efforts?

Remote Access

When using managed backup services, you are guaranteed easy access to any data that is stored in the cloud. With most small businesses being extremely fast paced, it is important that you have quick access to the data that you need. Without a managed backup service, you are running a risk of losing your data, costing you valuable time in trying to find and restore it. Even worse, in some cases data that hasn’t been backed up can be lost permanently. Depending on the value of the data that you lose, this can have heavy consequences for you and your business.

A managed backup service means that your data is stored in multiple remote locations, so there is no risk of it ever being lost. This means that you can count on easy access to your data at the very moment that you need it. Time is money, and the remote access ensured by a managed backup service saves you valuable time.

A Higher Level of Security

One of the biggest benefits of managed backup services is the higher level of security granted to your business. This is because any reputable service provider will do everything possible to make security the highest priority. Many business owners worry that storing their most sensitive data in the cloud makes it less secure, but this is far from being the case.

When data isn’t stored on a remote server, you have to create physical backups. Physical backups are much easier for cybercriminals to access via ransomware attacks. This can result in not only your business’s data but possibly customer information to be compromised. A remote cloud-based server is much more secure than physical backups.

Increased Productivity from Your Employees

Depending on how complex your business’s IT infrastructure is, the tasks required in monitoring, investigating, and resolving issues associated with backup and recovery can take a large amount of time. When these tasks are handled by your employees, this can take up the valuable time of your workforce. Managed backup services take care of all of these tasks automatically. Automating your backup and recovery responsibilities frees up the time your employees need to see to their responsibilities. This increases productivity and output from your business’s workforce.

Saves You Money

Unfortunately, many small business owners forgo the use of managed IT services out of the misconception that it will be costly. What is more costly than these services, however, is the damage done to your business without an effective backup strategy in place. If financial data, for example, is compromised within your network, there could be costly consequences. Some hackers hold your data for ransom, demanding money before they will release it. The best way to eliminate these unnecessary costs is to prevent a breach of security in the first place.

Managed backup services also save you money because they eliminate the need to build your own backup systems. While medium to large scale businesses may be able to afford the costs associated with building their own backup systems, this is commonly out of the range of possibility for small businesses. Managed backup services allow you to keep your data safe without the need to build your own system, which saves you money. They also cut out the need for investment in physical storage devices to be kept on location such as external hard drives.

TeknaByte For Your Managed Backup Services

Now that you understand how managed backup services can protect your business, it is time to find a reputable service provider to take on the work! TeknaByte is Indianapolis’s top IT managed services provider, and we will work tirelessly to maintain the proper security measures regarding your IT system. Contact us today to learn more about our managed backup services!


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